Top 5 Best 16oz Boxing Gloves of 2020

Gloves are required to be worn by boxers at boxing clubs or gyms. This is solely because these gloves are vital to protecting both you and your opponent from critical damage.

These gloves are relatively heavier than other sizes available in the market because of the extra and wider area of padding around the fists. You also have an even bulkier size variant of 18 oz. that is extremely soft and doesn’t deliver a lot of impact.

Keep in the mind, the reviews below of the best 16oz boxing gloves are provided here is purely suggestive, based on research and comparison drawn from various sources. Always consult your trainer when choosing the most appropriate gear for you.

These large gloves, the 14 oz. and 16 oz. variants, are essential for serious training on heavy punch bags and boxing pads and sparring practice.

Although boxing is a competitive sport of who can knock the other out first, during practice you are not expected to play hardball. Take it easy on yourself and your opponent and opt for extra padded gloves.

The reason clubs prefer heavier gloves is that the lighter variants like 8 oz. and 10 oz. do not pack as much cushioning as compared to their larger counterparts. This increases the likelihood of a vicious impact during sparring that results in bruising, fracturing and knock-outs.

Many people take boxing as a hobby, owing to its stress-relieving qualities, and it would not be in good light for them to walk into their workplace the next day all bruised and battered. It goes without saying, you can rough it out on the game field all you want but be considerate and play sensibly during sparring practice.

The top five Best 16oz boxing gloves

Now it is time to finally have a look at the different choices. I have scrutinized almost all the options that I could that are available in the market. Feast your eyes below on the best of the best 16 oz. gloves that will undoubtedly protect and provide comfort.

I have tried to be as critical as possible, highlighting the cons some of these gloves may possess. In the end, it is really about the personal preference of the boxer.

Elite Sports Boxing Gloves

The Elite Sports Boxing Gloves series is suitable for boxing, kickboxing, and Muay Thai. These gloves have been specially constructed for use by beginner players. This line of boxing gloves is relatively cheap but does not fail to deliver quality features that high-end gloves have.

The outer of the glove is constructed of Maya hide leather that allows for the glove’s lightweight complex, low maintenance requirements, and durability. The inner of the gloves is coupled with high impact foam and a 3D mesh. The foam helps to better absorb shock while punching heavy bags and sparring. The mesh allows for improved breathing conditions.

  • Specially for beginners
  • Maya hide leather outer
  • Lightweight and low maintenance
  • Shock-absorbing, breathability and durable

Sanabul Essential Gel Boxing Training Gloves

Sanabul is a premium brand for combat gear owing to its top-notch quality products at reasonable prices. This Sanabul Boxing Glove variant is safety tested, features mesh layer technology for breathability and in no way does it compromise on delivering a quality feel and comfort to the user. These gloves come with a gel material that enhances support and blow delivery.

The outer of the glove is constructed of leather and the inner has a mesh lining to alleviate the effects of sweat and bacteria.

The glove is also reasonably priced for the features that it has. The only drawback would be that some reviewers have pointed out that the glove does not feature adequate padding around the fists. They feel that this drawback makes the gloves less effective for heavy bag sessions.

  • Gel lining material
  • Shock absorbing and impact resistant
  • Durable
  • Mesh technology for improved breathability conditions

Hayabusa Sport 16 oz Training Gloves

The Hayabusa training gloves are specifically designed for intense sparring and punch bag routines. They feature a triple layer foam padding that cushions impact; bringing the much needed protection for both you and your opponent. The outer of the glove is made from 100% engineered leather for enhanced durability and comfort.

These gloves are suitable if you are looking to train for long periods of time. The inner of the glove has a breathable inner lining that helps avoid your hands from becoming sweaty and sticking during training. The gloves are also designed to provide good wrist support.

The Hayabusa Sport has a Velcro strap for easy removal and equipment. Not to mention, when you buy this line of gloves, the kit usually comes with hand wraps and a wash bag included!

  • Engineered to sustain long periods of punching and sparring
  • Enhanced durability
  • Great wrist support

Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing gloves

Venum is a brand that is very popular in the combat sports industry and has repeatedly been the choice of professionals. This line of Venum gloves is pretty much the ideal set of gloves for sparring and punching sessions. Packed with triple density foam that provides shock absorption and impact protection, this product is tailored for the safety and protection of both parties.

The outer is made of top-notch quality PU leather and also features an attached thumb lock. The gloves have a reinformed palm area for added protection. The Venum Challenger 2.0 comes with a Velcro strap for easy removal and equipment.

  • Engineered for safety and protection
  • Attached thumb lock
  • Velcro strap for easy equipping

Fairtex BGV5 boxing gloves

Ideal for the intense sparring session and rigorous work on the heavy bag, the Fairtex BGV5 boxing gloves have got you covered. You can put complete trust that this brand strives to provide absolute comfort, support and protection.The gloves feature a hook and loop velcro closure that also acts as a wrist support.

Additionally, the gloves have a high wristband for the added support and control over punches and impact. Like most 16 oz. boxing gloves, these gloves are constructed of a three layer padding distributed evenly for optimal protection for you and your opponent along with extra padding around the knuckle area. The only drawback to these gloves would be its price tag, it is relatively rather expensive.

  • Hook and loop Velcro closure for easy equipping
  • High wrist band for additional support
  • Extra padding around knuckle area

Is it necessary that you own a pair of 16 oz. gloves?

Yes. Training and strict sessions is the only way to upgrade your abilities. If you are serious about becoming a legit boxer then you would need a pair of the 16 oz. variant gloves for your daily practice needs.

You would need to practice long sessions and for this the padding is 16 oz. boxing gloves are constructed with ensure that your knuckles, wrist and thumb receives a distributed impact reducing the chances of serious injuries.

Even if you do not have the vision of making it big in the boxing world, but instead view boxing as a stress relieving hobby, 16 oz. gloves help protect you and your opponent during friendly spars and are ideal for heavy bag sessions.

It can get exhausting and time-consuming going through all the boxing glove options out there in the market; looking for features, reading contradictory reviews, looking for a set of gloves that fits your budget, making sure the gloves comply with safety norms.

In this article, I will assist you in choosing the most appropriate 16 oz. boxing gloves for your one-on-one sparring sessions and intense heavy bag and boxing pad sessions. Stay tuned till the end because I will share a little section on tips on how to properly break in boxing gloves!

Things we need to look at while Selecting out a good set of 16Oz boxing gloves.

Comfort and fit

You’ve just tried on your new gloves but find them a little stiff. Your first heavy bag session with them has knuckles and fingers sore. But why? It is simply because your gloves are new and hence are a little stiff.

All gloves come with an inevitable break-in period, which on average lasts for a week or two (for leather gloves) or the first few sessions (for synthetic gloves). There are inducible methods, however, to speed up this process.

It is best recommended to let your new sidekicks run their course of loosening to become accustomed to the structure of your hand. Until then you’ll just have to bottle up your enthusiasm and punch a little lightly during your practice sessions!

Consult your trainer while making a purchase of new gloves because you don’t want to buy gloves of the wrong size due to your initial impression of their fit and feel. Wrong glove size can be a big annoyance in the long run.


16 oz. gloves pack a generous amount of packing around the fists and are constructed to spread the impact around when you throw or block punches. This ensures that the occurrence of numbness, sprains, and pain is lessened. Also, be on the lookout for gloves that feature thumb locks.

I can’t stress enough how much of a beneficial feature thumb locks are. Thumb locks support your thumbs to stay in place so that they become less susceptible to receiving injuries during intense sessions.

Another interesting feature modern gloves have are an antibacterial layer on the inner lining of the glove that hinders the growth of bacteria that form due to sweat and cause stink and infections.

Durability and breathability

The problem with a lot of padding is that if its construction around the fists is too rigid or lacks enough of pores, your sweat glands will switch to overdrive.

The moisture that accumulates within the glove will lead to odor, infections, cuts, and will get absorbed into the material of the glove; making it harder to clean and eliminate the stink. It is vital that your gloves have an outlet for your sweat. This breathability factor, in turn, lengthens the durability of your gloves.


Hence, this was the overall article to help you find the best 16oz boxing gloves. If you have any query, feel free to comment down below.

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