Best Boxing Hand Wraps – Safe Guard Your Bare Hands Perfectly

Boxing is a renowned combat sport throughout the world invented in the 16th century. The aim of the sport is to throw punches at your opponent and to knock him out which leads to the opponent being unable to stand until the referee counts to 10.

This definitely causes a threat to the fighters life and therefore a lot of equipment is used to limit the injuries caused in the sport. One important equipment used is the hand wrap, traditionally known as the Kumpur. A hand wrap is nothing but a strip of cloth which prevents the breakage of bones in the hand, tearing of skin from the knuckles and spraining of wrists.

An important feature of the hand wrap is to secure the joints in your hand, due to the hand wrap once you punch, the shock is distributed throughout your hand, that will decrease the pressure on your hand, which otherwise if not worn can cause a serious injury.

Top 5 Best Boxing Hand Wraps Reviewed

Meister Adult 180 Semi-Elastic Wraps

Best Boxing Hand Wraps

The leading hand wraps in the market are the Meister Adult 180 semi-elastic wrap; what makes it the best is the material used in the making in the product. It is a mixture of cotton and spandex. While cotton is durable, it lies a bit behind in the department of stretch, the Meister 180 fulfils that through the human-made fibre; spandex; which is known for the immense stretch of around 450 times of its original length without causing any harm to its length and shape.

The blend of the materials makes it soft and smooth and easily stretchable. Also, the size is a very big benefit, as it won’t fall short for any wrapping method; and the size is comparatively wider helps in making the wrapping processes even more simple and fast. 


  • The product has a very long life and is very strong.
  • It also provides the fighter with an amazing stretch.
  • The product is affordable and due to the multiple features it provides, it makes the purchase worth it.
  • The buyer has 20 different colors to choose from, and take it according to the color of the rest of his gear. 


The only disadvantage that they carry is that they a slightly less thick so may not be able to provide with the same grip as thick ones can.

Pro Impact Mexican Style Boxing Handwraps 180″ with Closure – Elastic Hand & Wrist Support

The Pro Impact Mexican style, and boxer who has heard of Pro Impact knows the exclusive quality delivered by Pro Impact in its products. Perfect thickness, with a shocking level of stretch, giving space for your wrists, knuckles and hand immense amount of support, and the best part is it’s not even loose, it is the correct fit. As, an additional feature these hand wraps have a “This side down”, marking which leads to a more secured and a more comfortable fit for your boxing training.

One more additional feature is the attention given by the manufacturer to minute details, in, for example, the markings of the hand wrap, non-fray seams, and the special thumb loop.


  • The product has excellent quality; which is an important feature for hand wraps.
  • The product is durable and stretchable; this means it caters to the main purpose of hand wraps.
  • In comparison, to our previous hand wraps, they provide the athlete with a better thickness which means they provide a comparatively better grip.


However, the thickness can be a bit too much; and due to which this particular hand wrap may not fit into some gloves; so that is a very big disadvantage.

Fairtex Elastic Cotton Handwraps Hw2-120 and 180″

Third on the list is the hand wraps by Fairtex, a product more on the traditional side, made of pure cotton, and is used by most of the experienced fighters who do not have stretchiness as their main aim in the product. The best part about the 100% cotton is the durability that it gives and the comfort it provides the athlete is very much different than what normal hand wraps can give. To add to these features it even has a strong Velcro which helps the athlete maintain the control on his fist. But a big issue is that due to the material only being cotton the product lacks elasticity.


  • This product is again durable; a year more than normal hand wraps due to being 100% cotton and that also of the best quality we can only imagine.
  • The product provides the athlete with an amazing level of comfort, due to the pure cotton which is used in it.
  • The cotton brings multiple advantages it also makes them easily adjustable according to the athletes’ hand.
  • The product is available in both a small size which is 120 inches and the large size which is 180 inches.


The product lacks elasticity due to the usage of the only cotton in its materials; elasticity is normally achieved by the usage of materials such as spandex which is not used in this product.

Hayabusa: Perfect Stretch V4 Mexican Style Wraps

Fourth comes the Hayabusa, A well known, renowned company in the martial arts industry. In the last few years, it has become famous among its users due to the exclusive quality and life of its fighting equipment. It latest equipment Perfect Stretch V4 Mexican Style Wraps is available in multiple colours: black, yellow, red, blue, orange, and purple; which allows the buyer to chose a pair which will go along well with their pair of gloves or any other equipment they are sporting.

They have amazing strength and elasticity; two main features which qualify any hand wraps as a good pair. The manufacturing of this is done in such a way that these wraps nicely align with the athlete’s hands, and not only that but even between the fingers, and this provides the athlete with extreme knuckle protection. The usage of pure cotton has made it extremely comfortable and breathable.


  • The design of these hand wraps is one which is very stylish and chic and makes you want to have it. 
  • The product has great adjust-ability which is given by the long hooks and the loop provided in the design.
  • The size is just perfect it is neither too thick nor too thin, and that is something which is very important as it is to be worn inside the gloves.
  • The product is very soft, comfortable and breathable; these are an important feature for someone in a hand wrap as it directly clings to your hand.


The product leads to the hands initially bleeding, due to the perfect fit it provides its users with.

Amber Fight Gear Semi Elastic Professional 200” Hand Wraps

Fifth on the list is Fight hand wraps by Amber. Just like others on the list, Amber is a perfect cotton blend with elastic. This is the perfect combination of durability, comfort and a breathable product for the athlete. One of the best parts about this product is the stretch that it gives the fighter, it maxes out at an incredible 200 inches and is feasible for any wrapping method and especially for people who have big hands and are unable to manage in other hand wraps.

The cotton fiber used in this product is thick and extremely soft and has earned this product a reputation of one of the most comfortable hand wraps in the market available. To add to this the Velcro at the end is wider and extremely soft; which ensures that the hand wrap does not become loose inside the gloves; that can be a real challenge if it happens and make the fighter very uncomfortable.


  • This product is an optimum size for fighters who have big hands and this can lead to them doing and hand wrapping method easily which can be a task in other hand wraps.
  • The seams of the product are strong and the velcro is even stronger making them comfortable.
  • The thickness of the product is very commendable it is one of the few ones which has a good level of thickness.


The problem with this is that it is optimum for big hands but then it makes it too long for small hands.

How to Wear a Boxing Hand Wrap – Step by Step Instructions

There is a way in which the hand wrap has to be wrapped around your hands, so your hand gets full coverage and can prevent any damage to your hand. Follow the steps below to wrap your hand efficiently and quickly.

  • Begin with placing the loop over your thumb, after which you should start wrapping behind your wrist.
  • Continue wrapping for approximately 2 – 3 times.
  • Then, again wrap your thumb followed by wrapping all over your wrist.
  • Then cover the knuckles and the back of your palm. Cover the knuckles approximately 2-3 times.
  • Complete this part by making the alphabet X on the back of your palm while simultaneously going down to the wrist.
  • Now, we will focus on the fingers, we will begin with wrapping the pinky finger and end it with wrapping our index finger.
  • We will then make the alphabet X behind the palm, and provide the knuckles with more stability by wrapping it 2-3 times more.
  • We will complete this process by finally wrapping the wrist and providing it with the support it needs to feel secure and prevention of any injuries.

Things to Consider when Choosing the Best Boxing Hand Wrap

Type of boxing wrap 

There are two types of boxing wraps; the cotton wraps and the Mexican hand wraps. The cotton ones are traditional in nature, with long durability and great comfort; however, that leads to less stretch ability. The Mexican hand wraps are the elastic wraps, common with fighters with experience; higher priced but give the athlete; both comfort and stretch ability.


The material is an important feature which affects the comfort, durability, price and convenience. The two materials are pure cotton and cotton blend. Pure cotton is a breathable fabric, no leakage of stretch and issue of marks; the only disadvantage is lack of stretch. A cotton blend is a mixture of cotton with spandex or elastic material to make the product stretchable, but that makes it expensive.


The common sizes available in hand wraps are 108, 120, and 180. The size you should choose depends on the size of your hands, the size of your gloves and also the method you use for wrapping your hand wrap. If you have small hands a 120-inch size is good enough; however, the recommendable size is the 180 inch one as you can use any method without having to worry about the amount of hand wrap which is left with you.

Hook and Loop

An important feature for the hand wrap to not lose its grip and be fastened around the hand; it is made of velcro as that is the best material that can be used for this.

Thumb Loop

As an initial have a design which has a proper thumb loop is very important because this directly affects your grip and it is not easy to make it perfectly, however with time once you learn it the hand loop ain’t necessary and most experienced fighters require one.


Different hand wraps need to be used for different kinds of workout. The user must research about the kinds of hand wraps that are available in the market and compare the pros and cons before buying the ideal one for himself. 

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