Best Boxing Headgear – Safeguard your face, first.

No matter whether you are an amateur or a professional, when boxing, there is no way to protect your skull using any kind of technique; you are simply taught to dodge or weave when taking a hit. This is why a boxing headgear comes into the picture.

The headgear helps against heavy impact because of the heavy padding that it has inside it, and it also helps against bruises and cuts. So, really having a good boxing headgear will help you prevent the impact of your opponent’s punches.

Top 4 best boxing headgear Reviewed

Sanabul Essential Professional Boxing Head Gear

Best Boxing Headgear

The brand itself produces quality boxing gear. The headgear produced are also of good quality, they are well-fitted and they are highly functional. It is created especially for the training boxer. To its credibility, it has been tested by professionals, like UFC champions and other fighters who have used the gear through extensively tough training to see the results to be that this headgear can bear the brunt.

It has a full-face coverage design and is suitable for practically any type of strike-based form, which includes Tae Kwon Do, kickboxing, karate and MMA. For beginners, you can take courage in training since the headgear provides full-coverage protection. The dura-shock foam is made to take the punches that you receive. The hook and loop secure system of the headgear makes sure that it does not come apart while training and will remain comfortably seated on your head all throughout.

Venum Challenger 2.0 Headgear

This is more of a professional product to be used during advanced training. It is of a lighter weight. The foam inside the headgear is triple density contoured and is made in such a way that it absorbs the shock of the punches that you receive.

The headgear straps at the back of your head and for a tighter grip, there is a two-way strap that is made of Velcro and is flexible so that the headgear can be easily tightened to stay put on your head. The skin of the headgear is made up of Skintex leather. The headgear gives full coverage of the face including the cheeks and the chin. It does not have a range of sizes, however, and is a one fit for all. So if that one size fits you well, then go ahead, otherwise, you might have to consider other options.

Ringside Competition Boxing Headgear

The design of the headgear is sleek and stylish to add a little flair to your training. It has a contoured design of cover-up and does not fully cover the face. It has a curved cheek design which provides protection to your cheeks and your head. The make of the headgear is of high-quality leather which makes it durable. It ensures a longer-lasting form and performance to protect your head. Inside the headgear, there is a suede lining that is soft so as to not irritate you while training and this absorbs your sweat to keep your head a little dry.

The foam inside the gear is laminated and absorbs the shock from the impacts of punches which allows you to put in your full effort while training. It is adaptable to Muay Thai, MMA and boxing and is versatile in performance. This is a more expensive product and is for professional use. But it gives the results and the performance that is worth the price as well.

MaxxMMA Headgear 

The design offers full cover-up of the face but allows good visibility. It is better if you check the product out for yourself by trying it on first. The inside foam is shock absorbent and thick enough to provide you with good protection. The foam is multi-layered as well to slow down impact. It covers the ears, cheeks, forehead, and the chin.

Basically, with this headgear, you have all-around protection. It comes in two variable sizes. It has a chin strap to secure the headgear that is double-stitched to last and secure the headgear tightly upon your head. It is suitable for several fight forms such as MMA, kickboxing, boxing, sparring, Taekwondo and karate. The product is of a very cheap price and is perfect for a beginner to use since it will not cost you as much and will also give you the protection that you need while training.

But it is important that you buy the right kind of headgear that you are comfortable with so that it does not impair or obstruct your performance. Everyone will find a different product to be comfortable for them because there are a few important factors that you have to look at while purchasing a headgear. 

What to look for in a good boxing headgear?

There are two things when it comes to a boxing headgear: you will either be advised to buy your own headgear or you will be asked to use the one that is available at the gym which is a communal headgear. But we strongly recommend that you purchase your own headgear for a few good reasons. Everyone’s fit is different and what may be comfortable to one may not be comfortable to another. On top of that, headgear are made out of leather, so upon constant use, they will mould to the shape of your head and you will feel much more relaxed when it is on. Secondly, you have to be conscious of the hygiene issue.

A headgear bears a large amount of sweat from the training, and on top of that, there is also the markings of other fluids such as blood and spit that are stuck to it. The grime and the germs that get collected on it are unhygienic, and a communal headgear will only worsen the matter if these elements are passed from one person to another. It is important to keep yourself clean, because of which it is better if you have your own boxing headgear to use by yourself.

There are a few important aspects that you have to look at when buying a boxing headgear. We have detailed a few for your convenience.


There are different types of boxing headgear that you must first know of so that you know what kind to look for. Each type has its own features and elements that you must choose according to your preferences. The important features of each depend upon the amount of padding, and the amount of face and back of the head protection that they offer. Largely, we have the training headgear which is usually opted by beginners. It has a lot of padding in it and gives more protection to the face and the back of your head and is effective. However, because of this it is the heaviest of all and will take some strength to carry it.

There are much lighter options on the market. You also have the competition headgear which is made specifically for getting in the ring. The models under this type are systemically produced under the same guidelines, so you will not find much difference. These headgear have an open face design and do not offer much protection to the face. They are all, however, much lighter in comparison and do not need as much effort to carry on your head. But essentially, in boxing, the only best type of protection you can get is to evade or to dodge a punch. 


The kind of fit of the boxing headgear is important. Everyone has a different sized head, and so, you will have to try on the headgear first to see how it fits. The headgear must feel light and comfortable, it should not be pressing down on your head at the sides or on the back. Make sure it only lightly cradles your head. This is important so that your regular movements when performing are not obstructed.

Even when you are buying the headgear online, it is important you know how it fits on your head. The headgear is made of leather which will eventually mould itself to your head shape. So, allow the headgear to break-in once you buy it, that is, give it a while to get comfortable. After that, it will be easier for you. If that does not happen, then you probably did not buy the right one.


These are the most important part of the headgear that must be looked at. The fasteners secure the headgear on your head. There are two ways the headgear fastens: at the back of the head and near the chin. The back of the head fastener comes in two different types: lace-up fastener and Velcro straps.

The Velcro straps will help you put the headgear on by yourself. It will secure the headgear enough to your head. However, in this case, the lace-up headgear is much more recommended. This is because you can control the tightness at various points when you are tying up the headgear. Sure, it takes more time to tie up and you will probably need the help of another person, but it may be more secure to use this type of headgear.

With the chin strap fasteners, there are clip-on ones that need to be fastened to secure the headgear. But these may be more tricky, because if you don’t choose the right one, it may come apart and become loose. For this, look at the tightness and the security of the chin strap in the way the stitches have been put, otherwise, the straps will come apart really fast. And you don’t want that.


Visibility is important in being able to scope out the oncoming punches and attacks so that you can dodge them. When you have a headgear that covers parts of your face as well, it may be harder for you to focus on your upper and peripheral visions.

Especially for MMA fighters and for Taekwondo fighters, they need a vision of the lower part of their opponent’s body, but having a headgear that provides chin protection may impair the required vision. So mostly, a headgear that has an open face is more recommended so that there is improved visibility. But most importantly, what is important and will help you protect your head is to skillfully anticipate your opponent’s attacks and dodge them.

Protection vs. Weight

This is an aspect that you must look at lastly. What sets a headgear apart from others is the amount of weight it consists and the amount of protection that it provides. So, the heavier it is, the more protected you will be. The more expensive headgear are, however, lighter considering they are also made for professional use.

The important thing here is that you learn your dodging techniques as well as you can because your skill is what matters. If you rely on the protection of the headgear too much, then you will not see yourself grow as a boxer. The headgear is there to take punches when you could not have avoided them, but otherwise, it should be you who is evading your opponent’s attacks with skillful technique.


Proper gear especially when you are a beginner is very important so that you can adequately focus upon your training and invest your complete focus without worrying about hurting yourself. A headgear, while providing your head with the right kind of protection may also become a sort of comfort zone for you where you begin relying upon it too much to dodge yourself from punches and to make the gear take the impact. But you should remember that the headgear is only there so that you will not ultimately get hurt and that the full job of dodging attacks and punches from injuring you is in your hands and depends upon your skills, that’s when you know you are improving.

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