Find the Best Speed Bag – Top 5 Reviewed

A speed bag is a particular type of punching bag; A teardrop-shaped, a smaller version of a punching bag filled with air. The benefits of the same are; the fighter develops a constant habit of keeping their hands up, the coordination between the fighters’ hands and eyes improves, and the fighter develops the habit of changing the weight between his feet and punching.

Best Speed bags come in multiple different sizes, the largest being 33*25 cm, a comparatively smaller being 25*18 cm and the smallest being 15*10 cm.

The shape of the bag has a direct relation with the force needed to be put while punching, the larger it is, the more force has to be put in to keep the bag moving as the movement of the bag is slower; and for the same reason larger bags are used to build the fighter’s strength and endurance; while the smaller ones help the fighter to focus on faster hand movement, and improvement of timing and coordination.

Finding the right speed bag which fulfills your purpose is a very important task; here are a few speed bags, with their own unique and special features.  

Top 5 Best Speed Bags Reviewed

Title Boxing Gyro – Balanced Speed Bag

Best Speed Bag

A high end, high-quality speed bag made by TITLE, a company which is very famous in the boxing industry due to its excellent boxing equipment. This speed bag is constructed by a genuine leather shell and excellent quality of rubber.  One of the most durable product in the market is the Boxing Gyro speed bag. 

It comes in “4 different size options : L (7 x 10 inches), M (6 x 9 inches), S (5 x 8 inches), and XXS (4 x 7 inches).”


  • Due to the quality of the material, the product has an outstanding life and the product shouldn’t have any troubles such as leakage.
  • Looking at the training aspect of the product it delivers a great rebound to the athlete and the high-end technology used by Title in this product allows the bag to “true rebounds and rapid recoiling” as stated by the company. 
  • To add to the benefits of buying this product, the price is also very cheap;
  • Also, athletes of any skill level and purpose can use this speed bag for training.

Pro Impact Genuine Leather Speed bag

Ranking second in our rating, a lightweight, durable and made of excellent quality genuine leather, the Pro impact leather speed bag is acing the market with its features. 

In the sizes : “medium (7 x 10 inches), small (6 x 9 inches), X-small (5 x 7 inches).”


  • This speed bag’s outer shell is also made of genuine leather, and adding to that is its latex bladder which makes it lighter and cheaper. As the weight is less the speed of the bag is also faster. 
  • The bag is lightweight and durable. 


  • Due to the latex bladder, the level of durability in this speed bag is comparatively less and is more prone to leak air.
  • One more drawback to it is that complaints have been registered by users who bought it of the bag not being true to its size and rather being smaller than claimed.

Cleto Reyes Platform Speed Bag

The third position is bagged by The Cleto Reyes Platform is available in three different colours options ( Black, Red, and the very different, Mexican flag), made by the exclusive brand Cleto Reyes, this brand stands out due to way its products are made. In today’s world of fast and cheap, Cleto Reyes maintains its authenticity by supplying handmade products in such a way that keeps the traditions of boxing alive. 

It is available in the following sizes: “L (7 x 11 inches), M (7 x 10 inches), S (6 x 9 inches), and XS (5 x 8 inches)”.


  • Their product is made of genuine leather, which affects the durability of the product, which otherwise is hampered through usage of synthetic materials.
  • It also ensures excellent precise performance. 
  • The company also provides an extra bladder with its product. 


The excellent features come with a hefty price tag, however after looking at what the product has to offer the price seems worth it and economic. 

Everlast Speed Bag

The everlast speed bags like any other ever last product are very popular in the market due to their quality and their price provision. The materials used in the making are high-quality leather which is put together with strong seeming and the bladder of the speed bag is made of rubber; the material ensures excellent durability. 

It is available in only one size which is large (10*7 inches). 


  • The outstanding delivery of performance is due to the balanced and symmetrical construction of the bag; which ensures precise rebounds. 
  • To add to all this, the design is attractive and will be an additional factor for buyers who want a good looking speed bag.
  • These benefits are available in a very affordable and cheap price.

Ringside Heritage Speed Bag

The fifth ranking is the Ringside heritage, made by ringside, a known brand name among boxers for quality products at affordable prices. Just like the other speed bags even this is made with genuine leather and reinforced seams. 


  • The reinforced seams avoid situations such as strained seams and coping of the seams, and if an unfortunate circumstance occurs and few stitches break, due to the reinforced seams the speed bag will still hold air; this feature extends the durability of the speed bag as a whole. 
  • Another delicate part of a speed bag is its mounting loops; this speed bag avoids the following issue with a riveted swivel top loop, which will withstand the strongest of the punches. 


  • The range in which these speed bags lie will definitely cause a leak in your wallet. 
  • It is suggestible that buyers who want a traditional feel go with this particular speed bag as it is expensive, as however the features it is offering are available in affordable speed bags also.

Features to Look at Before Purchasing the Best Speed Bag


One of the most important features to look for in a speed bag before buying it. Large speed bags are heavier, which makes them slower but easier targets; on the other hand small speed bags are lighter and faster, but require more precision to hit. So it is advisable that as a learner or a fighter with less experience should train with larger speed bags, and fighters with the purpose to improve accuracy and speed should go ahead with smaller ones.


Weight as a direct relation with the speed of how the speed bag is going to swing. the heavier it is the slower it will be. Therefore, heavier ones are advisable for beginners while the lighter ones are for athletes who have experience in this field.


An important aspect which affects the durability of the speed bag; every buyer looks for a long-lasting product. The main feature which will affect the durability is the material which is used for the outer shell. The outer shell is commonly made out of either synthetic or genuine leather, both these materials have its own benefits and disadvantages.

Genuine leather as the name suggests is expensive and comparatively more durable; its long product life makes it an appropriate choice for usage in gyms. On the other hand, synthetic leather is the cheaper option of the two, the cheap price affects the durability of the product and it isn’t even half as durable as genuine leather, but an appropriate choice for buyers who have a smaller budget.


Bladder plays an important part in the shape and the feel of the bag, it is an inflated ball inside the outer shell. The common materials for the bladder are latex and rubber. Rubber adds weight to the speed bag which makes it slower; however, is more durable. Rubber is the right choice if your priority is durability over speed. Latex is a lighter material which makes the speed bag speedy, which decrease the durability of the speed bag as it is accustomed to losing air comparatively quicker.


Mounting of the speed bag is of multiple types, hanging, double end, and free-standing. Mounting is a feature which affects the convenience of the speed bag. A hanging speed bag will have to be installed with hanging attachments on your ceiling, which is time-consuming and has other aspects to it, for example, if you have a weak ceiling, it won’t be able to carry the weight of your speed bag, these aspects make the hanging speed bag comparatively immobile as it can’t be placed everywhere.

Then the double end bags, which need to be mounted between the ceiling and the floor due to the excess stability this kind of speed bag provides. This is even more time consuming and occupies a lot of space, so this type of bag is not advisable for people living in small and confined spaces.

The Last type is freestanding bags, easy to set up and need no mounting, however, they occupy more space and the one disadvantage to them is that they can be tipped over by powerful strikes. These are advisable for home use rather than for gyms. Space and convenience is something each buyer should look in before purchasing a speed bag.


Considering the fact that solo practice of boxing requires a speed bag, they become very important for the sport. After the warm-up, shadowing, the boxer must be able to hit the correct punches on the boxing bag to increase their strength, speed, endurance and make their game better. Boxing bags must be selected keeping in mind the purpose specially. One must be wanted them only for a routine exercise and in that case, it is unnecessary to invest in a professional bag. If the athlete is purchasing the bag for professional use, they must take care of the quality, weight, etc. Thus before the purchase of the bag, prior research is extremely important as the user’s needs may vary and every consumer wants the most effective and worth product.

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