Find The Best Speed Bag Platform – Top 4 Reviewed

The moment we enter any boxing training room or academy, there is one persistent sound that we hear from the room; the sound is of the boxing mitts hitting the boxing bags which are also known as the speed bags.

These bags help the boxer in creating a rhythm, developing speed, increasing their stamina, practicing their punches and improving their skills.

The speed bags will only be able to perform up to the mark if the platforms are efficient and compliment the speed bags. Thus, this equipment gets extremely necessary for a trainer. They can be attached on the ceiling of a gym or a house and using these.

Top 4 Best Speed Bag Platform Reviewed

XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

Best Speed Bag Platform

This speed bag platform is one of the best platforms since it is adjustable and made of very heavy material. Gauge steel and hardwood drums have been used to make this sturdy speed bag platform. It is easily adjustable according to all sizes and shapes. It is also very easy to mount on a wall gap of 16 inches. One of the best parts is that it can keep the speed bag in place and does not vibrate a lot. Primarily, if a platform is not good, it will affect the speed bag and then the skills and training of the boxer as well. 


  • The material that is used to make the platform minimises the level of vibration 
  • It is very well furnished 
  • It comes along with a pro-level Ball bearing 
  • The adjustment is of 15 inches which is suitable for everyone 
  • It is a very durable product because of the high-quality materials used 
  • It is not very expensive compared to the others. 


  • Very heavy product for handling 
  • The drilling process is very time consuming 
  • No mention of warranty or guarantee which by far become one of the most important for buying decisions today. 

Although this product is among-st the top searches, the assembly has become a very important factor today. If that is done well, the product is a great one since it is not very expensive in comparison and is ideal for all kind of speeding bags. 

Title Boxing Precision Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

Title boxing platforms are one of the most professional boxing platforms that were ever made. They have a frame of 24 inches and it is walnut laminated. This material and framework can handle the hardest ever human force possible. This kind of platform is ideal for home gyms since it is very sturdy and has very fast rebounds.

Any age group can use this platform, it is even spectacular for professional boxers. One of the issues with the platform is that it requires external hard surface for a non-cement wall. It can be used for a range of 14 inches and the materials used for the construction of the piece is extremely high quality, making the product rather expensive but durable at the same time.


  • It has a professional level swivel 
  • The materials used are very strong and have a long life.
  • It is a frame that can take up the heaviest weight possible 
  • It is ideal for the use of children, trainers as well as professional boxers. 


  • It is extremely expensive. Thus people that are looking for a budget-friendly product or are not very concerned with professional boxing might want to skip it. 
  • An external hard surface is required for mounting depending on if the wall is made of cement or not. 

One of the best and most professional products in the market today, although expensive, Title boxing platforms have created a brand name in the market because of introducing just the best.

Ringside Heavy Duty Boxing Speed Bag Platform

Ring side is one of the products that has specifically been made for boxing and other combat sports. It has a design that weighs 72 lbs and is V-shaped. It is made specifically for improving the sturdiness of the boxing bag and improving the punches of the boxer.

Other workout exercises have been ignored by this product and it has just focused on boxing alone. Along with with the board come to an amazing swivel, and melamine board. This can be attached to any surface very easily. However, it can not be mounted as the products required for mounting are not present in the kit. The melamine board does the work to an extent, but the price that the seller has charged for the same is too high. 


  • Melamine board is included in order to avoid the mounting process and it also makes the kit look very attractive. 
  • The steps that are given for the set up of the board are very simple to understand 
  • The materials used for the construction are durable. 
  • The board is very sturdy 
  • Due to the non-add ups of the mounting equipment, the kit is compact for usage 


  • It is very expensive for the kind of products that it is trying to offer 
  • This platform may not be able to take harsh kicks since mounting is not involved. 

Everlast Elite Speed Bag Platform

One of the finest and oldest equipments that are attached to a huge brand name are the Everest Elite Platforms for speed bags. Everlast is known for making durable equipment as the name suggests and these equipment are found in every gym. It is ideal for home-based professional training or workout.

However, the product is very difficult to set up, it has too many complications and the instructions are very vague according to most consumers. Although, once it is set up, it is one of the most amazing product for use. Another benefit of this platform is that it is completely adjustable, yet very affordable. Once one can get past the basic issues of mounting the product, this product is ideal equipment for a home gym. 


  • This product is completely adjustable according to the user’s needs. 
  • It is strong, sturdy, consistent and gives the user an amazing workout or boxing experience. 
  • It is not at all pricey for the kind of product quality that it provides and that is the main reason that Ever-last has a name in the market. 
  • Any bag sizes can be used on this product 
  • The company provides excellent customer service for the products


  • The instruction manual is very vague and does not have clear steps 
  • Setting up the product and mounting it is a real pain for the user 
  • It is specially designed for home-based workout and is not the best product for professional boxing. 

Considering the reputation of the brand, Everlast platforms can be a great buy for somebody who is not considering professional boxing and needs equipment for the gym. It is a reasonable and home-based product. 

Fixed vs Adjustable- Which Among the Two Is A Better Speed Bag Platform?

Fixed Speed Bag Platforms 

Fixed speed bag platform are those that are fixed onto one position and their height can not be changed. They are often purchased by those people who do not intend to share their speed bag. Ideally, they become a very good purchase for such people who are not willing to spend a lot on the platform. Also, if the boxer knows that he does not require to share his bag, he doesn’t need an adjustable one. These ones are quite reasonable for purchase. 

Adjustable Speed Bag Platforms

For an adjustable speed bag platform, the height of the product can be adjusted according to the boxer’s or trainer’s needs. Ideally, when there are more number of people who are going to be boxing, it is a great investment as it allows the height adjust-ability and it allows more users to use it, thus this product is much more expensive than the fixed platforms, however, it is worth the purchase considering the number of users.

If a boxer is using different kinds of speed bags, this also works very well for that as the different speed bags will be of different sizes and the platform can adjust accordingly. If you are looking for a more flexible product, or have more users and do not have to worry about a budget, these are a great investment for you. 

Questions to ask yourself before buying a bag: 

What is my budget?

Why do I need the platform?

Am I going to be boxing professionally or as an exercise?

Am I going to be training at home? 

Will I train alone or with other people?

Where will I mount the platform?


Finding the right platform is a task in itself. One wants to spend just the right amount or maybe a little less due to the clear fact that a platform has indirect benefits on the boxer’s skills. It is unlike the boxing mitts or the boxing bag that directly affect the training of the boxer. If a platform is not sturdy, the punches and the intensity of the boxer is affected.

The punches do not have the impact that they should and the hand is strained. If a platform is not strong enough, it might not even be able to take the weight of some punching bags. If a platform is not very well equipped, it might give the boxer a very hard time to adjust.

Although indirectly, they play a great role in the success of a boxer and before buying a platform, the boxer must decide the level of boxing that he wants to go for, the place that he is going to practice in, the level of equipment that he will use etc.

Considering the fact that good boxing bag platforms are not small investments, a lot of research should be done before buying them. The athlete must know the kind of bags he is going to attach on the platform and the details of the mounting location as well. As and when little thing adds up and the best equipment are used according to the suitability of the trainee, the efficiency of his training increases and his comfort level with the sport develops. Thus, before buying the equipment, a boxer must be aware of the background of the product for the most efficient purchase.

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